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Dash with Dane During Our $60K for 60,000 Lives Dollar Dash!

by Lindsey Picard • Posted in: General

Dane is the perfect example of the amazing things that happen at Austin Pets Alive! each and every day when animals are given a chance that they don’t get anywhere else.

This sweet one-year-old boy came to APA! from Austin Animal Center at the end of September due to his severe injuries. He had been picked up from the side of the road and was suspected to have been hit by a car, as he was completely paralyzed in his hind end. Due to his past traumas, he spent the first few days in our Medical Triage and Wellness Clinic keeping completely to himself. 

As time went on, Dane began to open up and put trust in those who were helping him rehabilitate; but it was when he was given his very own wheelchair that his personality really came to life! During his hospitalization, Dane took pleasure in his nightly romps in his wheels with the clinic staff.

Not too long after Dane’s rapid improvements in the clinic, an APA! foster found her heart set on providing Dane with a comfortable and loving home. She was especially excited to give Dane a temporary place to land since she already had an adopted cat who is also paralyzed in his hind legs. What she thought was going to be a matching set turned into an incredible surprise, though, when Dane began to walk again! While his hind legs are still quite wobbly, confining him to his wheelchair most days, Dane is now able to dash around his home and play as much as he wants!

His foster-turned-adoptive mom recently brought Dane back to the clinic for a visit with those who believed in his potential from the start, and he was able to walk around the lobby like he had never been paralyzed.

It’s a sad reality that in most places, Dane never would have been given the chance to find out if he would be able to walk again, but in Austin, thanks to the amazing work of our APA! community – and people like you – Dane got more than a chance to walk, he got a chance at life.

Donate today to help give dogs like Dane (and cats, too!) the chance at living their best lives – and thanks to a generous gift from an APA! volunteer your donation will be matched dollar for dollar up to $25,000 during our $60K for 60,000 Lives Dollar Dash!


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