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Fowler kennel offers temporary shelter for pets


Fowler kennel offers temporary shelter for pets

Animals warm
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FOWLER, Ohio (WKBN) – It’s going to be dangerously cold outside during the next few days. Humane workers say with the forecasted temperatures, it will be deadly for animals if they’re kept outside.

“This is not anything any animal can survive,” said Mary Louk, Animal Charity board president. “This level of cold is not something animals can endure.”

Pam Myers is well aware of that. She is helping to make sure animals have a safe place to stay by making room at Classic Kennels of Hartford. 

“First of all, I love dogs. It is in my blood. Anytime a dog is suffering, you know it makes me sad. I would do anything for the animals,” Myers said.

Myers said she has beds, blankets and toys for dogs and cats. During the next few days, she’s offering a free stay at the kennel.

“We have the room so why not do it? If it is going to save a dog’s life then we are pretty happy to do it,” Myers said. “Pets are such a comfort to everybody. A lot of people have them for therapy, and if they can’t bring them inside, we want to help the out.”

Space is limited, so you do need to call ahead to make arrangements so your pet will have a place to stay.

Classic Kennels of Hartford is located at 3223 Bushnell Campbell Rd. in Fowler. Call (330) 772-8272 to check for space.

Animal Charity says if they find animals left out in the cold, they will seize your pet and pursue charges.     




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