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Safety of Floor Fountains for Pets and Children


Adults love the serenity that is provided from floor fountains. However, children and pets do not understand this concept and will not respect it. Therefore, the safety of your children and pets should always be considered before purchasing a and when determining where to place a fountain.

Pets and children alike will find floor fountains fascinating even without realizing the benefits derived from such an object in your home. It’s almost ensured that a pet will drink from a fountain, and likely that a child will as well. I’m sure you’re wondering if this is safe.

The short answer is yes. There is nothing inherently wrong with Fido using your floor fountain as a water bowl. In fact, it’s an excellent way to ensure that there is plenty of water available for your pets when you are not home. Of course, this is really beneficial for cats that can be left alone at home for one or more nights.

If your animal is going to drink from , it’s important to keep the water clean at all times. In addition, you may need to protect the floor around the fountain from drips. Water should be replaced regularly and the fountain cleaned thoroughly if your pet uses it regularly. A careful eye should be kept on the water level as well.

Keep in mind that most fountains operate from electricity and children should be allowed to play in or really around the fountain. However, knowing that on occasion your little one will be out of sight and may venture toward the fountain, as long as he or she just steers clear of the outlet, there is little danger. However, it’s best to keep children away from the fountain.

If you allow your animals to drink from floor fountains, it will likely attract hair and dander from your pet. Build-up of this can adversely affect the operation of the pump and fountain. If you absolutely do not want this you will have to pet proof your fountain which basically means keeping your animal out of the room with the fountain, or moving the fountain.

Any products you add to the water of floor fountains, or those used to clean them, should be non-toxic and not dangerous to animals. Providing a source for fresh clean water is a necessity for pets, and floor fountains should not be a replacement for your pet’s regular water bowl.


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