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Twas The Night Before Christmas Poem For Pets & Pet Tips


Twas The Night Before Christmas Poem For Pets – The Christmas season can be a hectic time with families rushing to get last-minute gifts, preparing for extended-stay guests and making sure every decoration is perfectly placed around the home. With visions of a Norman Rockwell painting setting the cozy Christmas scene, the reality of the season can be anything but.

Just so you all know, Norman Rockwell is one of my favorite artist! So I had to use that graphic with this Twas The Night Before Christmas Poem For Pets.

Twas The Night Before Christmas Poem for Pets

“On a cozy winter’s night, when all are asleep,
Four-legged furry ‘children’ sleep by the tree in a heap,
Snuggled down deeply in soft Dig & Burrow beds,
Sweet dreams of Chuckit! Ultra Sling soar through their heads,
Within the house a great thump is heard from above,
Each of the puppies bound from their beds, giving their old toys a shove,
Their Glow in the Dark Collars provide a bright light,
To unveil the magical man who’s arrived so late in the night,
Bounding to the hearth with wagging tails they all went,

Excited to see what new toys they’ve been sent,
It’s the season for merriment and gift giving to all,
Even their lists have been checked twice for a bright Maxglow Ball,
The room overflows with gifts, all anew,
There’s even a JW Hol-ee Bone in a beautiful blue,
As they’re given a treat and a scratch behind the ear,
They wag their tails knowing they’ve been good this year,
Back to their beds with their new toys snuggled tight,
Merry Christmas, from Petmate, and to all a good night.”

Pet Christmas Time Tips

Not to mention, to help ensure Christmas festivities go off without a hitch, consider these tips to keep your pet happy, healthy and safe this season.

Do you have any other Pet Christmas Time Tips? If so, please feel free to share in the comments.

For more information on how to care for your pet throughout the Christmas Season, or for the perfect Christmas pet gift listed above, visit www.petmate.com.

Article compliments of NAPS. First published December 2, 2015. Last Updated December 12, 2018. Author is unknown. If you know who wrote Twas The Night Before Christmas Poem For Pets, let me know. That way I can give proper credit where credit is due.

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